Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Did it answer the call? wet N wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss

Here's how wet N wild describes this gloss:
"Super shiny gloss adds luster and color to lips, while Vitamins A & E moisturize and condition."

The short of it: They're ok.
The rest of it: I know that's not exactly a glowing endorsement but I'm kind of here nor there about the Mega Slicks glosses. The pigmentation is fine and the slender tubes are handy but something about their fragrance, which varies slightly for each gloss, is a bit weird. In addition to that, '578,' a very pretty pink, has a strange, almost clumpy texture.

 If I had to pick favorites: '570A' and '577A'
swatches are in the same order as above

 Bottom Line: I could take or leave them. 
 wNw can't knock everything out of the park.

Alright, lovelies, hit the comment box if you have thoughts on the Mega Slicks glosses!

Love 'em? Gotta have 'em?
$1.99 wherever wNw products are sold

In glitter and gloss,


  1. I don't think that I have paid these glosses any attention. Is that bad? LOL!

  2. Ha! Heaven knows, I love wNw but you're not missing much if you've skipped over these!

  3. ~Lola, you are very welcome!!! I wouldn't miss these at all if they disappeared out of my stash.

  4. I never tried these lipglosses.
    Thanks for the review<3

  5. ~Sodapop, these are probably my least favorite wNw product but I'd imagine there are others who just love 'em, lol

  6. I find them to be really sticky. :(


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